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Facing the future with creativity, optimism, and innovation.
What a challenging year we all faced in 2021. As the year comes to an end, we are reminded that despite this, we have so much to be thankful for.

In the last year, Ethiopian hand-loom specialist Sabhar shipped a staggering 64,894 hand-loomed products around the world, an 80% increase from 2020. At the same time, Sabahar launched amazing programmes like the calculation of “living wages”. Moreover, the company continued successful measures like small loans and saving programs.

Thanks to the steady orders from our loyal customers, we have been able to hire seven new at-home weavers and three new in-house weavers, bringing us to just over 100 weavers. The increase in our orders also dramatically increased the number of women who spin our cotton from 40 to close to 200. We are now proudly offering a stable income to over 94 full-time employees and around 300 artisans. OUR HEARTFELT THANKS TO ALL OUR CUSTOMERS – NEAR AND FAR!

“Ethiopia is going through difficult times and we are doing our best to mitigate the negative economic effects by continuing to provide the security of income and employment for our artisans and workers”, says Kathy Marshall, Sabahar Owner and Founder. “Calculating a “living wage” for our staff with inflation rising at around 40% in 2021 alone was interesting… to say the least. We have also continued to support our staff by providing small loans and a savings program. With determination and amazing teamwork, our staff have managed to ensure a reliable supply of raw materials as well as timely production and shipping of products amid a multitude of unpredictable factors.”

With the support of Jane Stafford and Texsolv, Sabahar could provide highest quality of heddles to home-based weavers and help them set up four harness looms, “a long-term goal of ours”. Sabahar is now excited about the product and design possibilities these advancements will bring. Jane Stafford has been working with Sabahar for over five years and has been an inspirational teacher and mentor for our weavers. The team at Texsolv in Sweden, are always ready to support us with great products at discounted prices with such generosity. “We have been truly blessed by all these friends!”

Image: Sabahar