is a project to promote and strengthen the German-Ethiopian textile business partnership. Financed by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development and supported by sequa gGmbH. GESAMTMASCHE and ETGAMA jointly implement the project initiatives and inform on progress.
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Capacity building

Fostering ETGAMA’s position and role as a competent business and policy advisor is a priority objective of the partnership. Besides economic and legal consulting, professional technical advice is a crucial issue for member companies.

Training and technical

Offering demand-driven services like sector related consultancy, training, support and information to ETGAMA member companies is a main project focus which is of major relevance to promote businesses. This also includes the development of quality standarts for cotton.

Trade promotion and

In order to improve international competitiveness, as a pilot scheme, the project aims at establishing a sustainable, transparent and high-quality textile supply chain. On this basis, ETGAMA and its member companies are supported to initiate further projects.

Partnership for the future

Sustainability is a mission for textile businesses both in Germany and Ethiopia, fuelled by increasing consumer requirements for eco-friendly and socially responsibly made products. The shift in international demand for sustainably produced and renewable materials is a positive challenge for German and Ethiopian textile and fashion companies. Working together on transparent value chains and the fulfilment of internationally recognised standards, GESAMTMASCHE and ETGAMA jointly strive to further business relationships and at the same time to improve the production and trade environment.


Founded in 1916, the Confederation of the German Knitting Industry – GESAMTMASCHE – is the leading national trade association representing German producers of knitted fashion, bodywear and knitted fabrics for fashion and technical applications. German knitwear brands are internationally successful and hold a prominent market share in Europe. German knits have always been more than just fashion, they incorporate social trends, technical innovation, new materials and fashion culture. Unique design, the use of superior yarns and state-of-the-art technology form the basis of their international success. About 250 companies belong to the sector, this represents 7.8 billion Euros of exports per year.

Ethiopian Textile and Garment Manufacturers Association – ETGAMA – is the national association of the textile and garment industry in Ethiopia. Founded in 2008, ETGAMA’s mission is to create a vibrant textile and garment sector, which can play a leading role in the growth and development of the manufacturing industry, by bridging the gap through capacity building, market linkage and policy advocacy. The long-term vision is to see Ethiopia as the textile hub of Africa, a competent front-runner in the global market and committed to sustainable production.


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The journey of handloom towels…
Sabahar’s iconic, soft and absorbent towels are beautiful due to the spinning skills which Ethiopian women have passed on to their daughters for generations. There are many artisans and unique skills.
Made in Germany AFRICA
Welcome to Germany´s only Expo and Conference presenting world‘s finest Products and Services in AFRICA! 2nd – 4th March 2023 Skylight Hotel Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.